Loxton De-alcoholized Wines, sometimes referred to as 0.5% wines or low-alcohol wines, are produced and bottled for Malinda Distributors Inc., in Australia.

Australian wines are well known for their award winning varietals and in the 1980ís two Aussie wine makers decided to try their hand at producing a low alcohol (de-alcoholized) wine whilst retaining a light wine taste and bouquet. They were driven by the changing attitudes and the legal ramifications of drinking and driving, people started looking for alternatives to alcohol. The product they produced became known as Loxton Medea Valley, de-alcoholized wine.

Loxton de-alcoholized wines (less than 0.5% alcohol or 99.6% alcohol free) have been in Canadian grocery and liquor stores for over twenty years and people enjoy the taste. The demand for these wines is growing, as people look for choices between full strength alcohol wine and/or low de-alcoholized wine.

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