Loxton Brand Recognition

Loxton is an established and familiar brand in Canada. Loxton Wines have retailed in Canada since 1989 and at the BCLDB since 1991. Loxton has retailed in Canada for 29 years. Loxton is the only de-alcoholized wine to be advertised on mass media in Canada through television, radio, magazines, newspapers and wine festivals. Consumers recognize the name and trust the product to be a top quality, dependable and great tasting de-alcoholized wine.

In addition, rosé wine sales seem to be taking off this summer, with Canadians purchasing the equivalent of 21.2 million bottles of rosé wines in 2016, according to this article, Thinking Pink, in the Vancouver Sun on August 26, 2017.

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Today's Market for De-Alcoholized Wines

The market for de-alcoholized wine retains a distince niche in the wine and beverage market. Many consumers want to enjoy wine with lower alcohol levels today and people are looking for alternatives. Loxton provides what people are seeking with popular varietals, Cabernet Sauvignon, Semillon-Chardonnay, Moscato table wines and a bubbly Sparkling Brut Champagne style wine.

Consumers purchase Loxton wines because they enjoy the taste as well as the elegant presentation. We like to refer to Loxton as the "Elegant Alternative" for people who do not want the alcohol but are not ready to settle for a mineral water, pop, or sparkling juice.

De-alcoholized and low alcohol wines are becoming more popular every year. Loxton de-alcoholized Wines allow you to enjoy a glass of wine at any time and on any occasion without the effects of alcohol.

The demand for Loxton continues to grow as people look for choices between full strength alcohol wine and de-alcoholized wine.

Alcohol Removal Technology

Our wines are produced for Malinda Distributors in Australia. It was recognized that in order to retain distinct flavours in a finished de-alcoholized wine, the components of the wine had to be dealt with individually and delicately.

Removing 12% alcohol from wine to below 0.5% is a sensitive process and requires a multi-stage process in order to obtain optimum results. The Australian process succeeded in isolating flavour volatiles, which could be added back to the wince once the alcohol was removed.

This procedure produces a de-alcoholized wine that displays clean, fresh "varietal" fruit flavours with complex flavour characters and a bouquet that are not found in the regular non-alcoholic juices.

Restaurants, Hotels, Catering industry

People choose not to drink an alcoholic beverage for all sorts of different reasons. Yet people want to appear like they have a glass of wine in their hand. Many do not want to be saddled with another mineral water, soda pop, coffee or tea. Have a few bottles of Loxton de-alcoholized wines on hand for customers who choose not to drink alcohol.

Grocery Retailers and Liquor Retailers

Loxton de-alcoholized Wines have retailed in major grocery stores and liquor stores in Western Canada for 29 years.

• People trust the taste of Loxton
• Consumers are familiar with the Loxton brand
Loxton has strong shelf appeal, brand recognition
• Consumers like the varietal aspect of Loxton wines
Loxton de-alc wines are not juices but wines with low alcohol content
Loxton is the leading de-alcoholized wine in Canada
• People love to buy Australian wines


Loxton De-alcoholized Sparkling Brut can accompany a regular sparkling wine or Champagne at your wedding and offer your guests a delicious sparkling non-alcoholic alternative. The Loxton Brut presentation resembles Champagne with a Champagne cork and bubbles with a taste that resembles regular Champagne, but, importantly without the alchohol.

Today, people realize that there is a social responsibility attached to hosting a party. A savvy host will ensure that none of their guests drink and drive.


Graduations are a special time for young adults celebrating a milestone and right of passage. It is a time to be celebrated with family and friends. Every year, thousands of young people out there look forward to finishing their studies and graduating. This means that when all their hard work is over, a toast will be made to celebrate a new beginning.

To celebrate this special occasion, try the Loxton Sparkling Brut. A Champagne cork with Champagne bubbles, it is fun and can be enjoyed by all. Start with the Loxton Sparkling Brut for toasting and later, serve the Loxton table wines at the Graduation dinners.

All Loxton de-alcoholized wines are 99.6% alcohol free. Salut!