The story of Malinda Distributors Inc., 1987

Importers and distributors of Loxton De-alcoholized (0.5%) Wines.

Hi! We are Malinda Distributors Inc. (Iím the MA in Malinda and my wife is the Linda in the Malinda!) Our office is located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Loxton is a registered trademark of Malinda Distributors Inc.

We started our company in 1987. One of us was pregnant and like other people we tried the one or two alternative beverages available in stores at the time. We remember sitting in a restaurant one evening. The waiter stopped by the table and asked if we would like a drink. We explained that one of us was pregnant and we wouldnít be drinking alcohol. The next thing we knew, the wine glasses were off the table and that was the last time we saw the waiter until the food arrived.

At the time there was one line of de-alcoholized wine available in grocery stores but really the selection was lacking variety, distribution was poor and the available product didnít taste very good. The stores did not treat de-alcoholized wines seriously and they were only used for decorating the cheese table in deliís. You would not find de-alcoholized wine in the main beverage isle. Thinking that there must be other couples like us who did not drink alcohol when pregnant or for other health reasons, we decided to search the world for the best tasting de-alcoholized wine that we could sell to retailers. We were getting tired of drinking sparking apple cider! We longed for variety and a little more sophistication.