For restaurants, hotels and the catering industry

Dear Food & Beverage Manager and Bar Manager:
This is to introduce you to the Loxton De-alcoholized Wines.

Loxton Wines are produced in Australia. The brand has retailed in Canada since 1989 and is well known and popular with consumers.

Loxton de-alc Wines are fully fermented before the alcohol is removed which gives the wines a bouquet and a gentle light wine taste.

People choose not to drink an alcoholic beverage for all sorts of different reasons.  Many do not want to be saddled with another mineral water, soda pop, coffee or tea.  People want a choice.

We like to refer to Loxton as the “Elegant Alternative” wine for your customers, for those who want something more than juice but not the alcohol. 

Loxton De-alcoholized Wines can be ordered with your liquor order.

Drink suggestion
The Loxton Sparkling Brut can be an excellent base to start from when creating new drinks. Try a non-alcoholic MIMOSA.

The Mimosa was created around 1925 at the Ritz Hotel bar in Paris, France.  It took its name from the mimosa flowering plant whose colour it resembles.

Offer the non-alcoholic Mimosa with breakfast or with the weekend brunch to anyone who cannot drink alcohol for whatever reason.

All ages can enjoy the presentation and taste of a non-alcoholic Mimosa.

Provincial Liquor Store Code Numbers




Loxton .5% Semillon-Chardonnay



Loxton .5% Cabernet Sauvignon



Loxton .5% Sparkling Brut