For weddings

Loxton De-alcoholized Sparkling Brut can accompany a regular sparkling wine or Champagne at your wedding and offer your guests a delicious sparkling non-alcoholic wine.† The Loxton Brut presentation resembles Champagne with a Champagne cork and bubbles and with a taste that resembles regular Champagne.†

Couples tying the knot today are very concerned about guests drinking and driving.† From a liability aspect, their concern is very justified.† It is the responsibility of the wedding party to ensure that no one gets behind the wheel of a car drunk.† A guest involved in a car accident, speeding down the road on their way to who knows, because of over drinking at your party can definitely spoil the wedding celebration and the happy couple could be liable for damages.† There will always be a guest or two that may over drink.†† Thatís why De-alcoholized wines are appropriate to have at the bar and to offer the choice to the many guests who will be driving home after the party.

A hostís responsibility
During the last decade penalties have increased for drinking and driving. Road checks are out there every weekend.† The stiffer penalties have convinced most people that it is wise not drink if driving. Today people realized that there is a social responsibility attached to hosting a party.† A party host must ensure that none of their guests drink and drive.