For grocery and retail stores

Dear Grocery Store Owner and Manager:
This is to introduce you to Loxton De-alcoholized Wines.

Loxton De-alcoholized Wines have retailed in major Canadian grocery stores in Western Canada since June of 1989. Loxton De-alc Wine has brand recognition. Loxton was the first de-alcoholized wine to be advertised on mass media in Canada. Today when consumers in western Canada think of a de-alcoholized wine, they first think of the name Loxton.

The market for de-alcoholized wine retains a distinct niche in the beverage market. We all have friends or relatives who prefer not to drink alcohol from time to time yet they donít want another mineral water, soda pop, coffee or tea.†

The de-alcoholized section is popular today because consumers purchase these types of beverages to serve as alternatives at social functions, for example, at weddings or dinner parties. People get together for family dinners throughout the year, to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays just to name a few occasions. People will bring a bottle to a dinner party, as an alternative to an alcoholic beverage.†

Consumers shop this category because they want something that tastes and smells like wine but without the alcohol.†

Consumers today are shopping for alternatives like de-alcoholized wines, for many different reasons. The strict drinking and driving laws in Canada today is a recent catalyst for bringing more awareness to this section in grocery stores.† People do not want to drink and drive. But this is not the only reason why Loxton is so popular.† People enjoy the taste of Loxton. This is why Loxton has been around for over twenty years.

Loxton De-alcoholized Wines are for adults who do not wish to drink an alcoholic beverage, for whatever reason. People who have a party should always have a bottle or two of Loxton De-alcoholized Wine for their non-drinking guests and for those who are driving.†

A party host should be aware that a guest who drinks too much and drives home could cause a problem. Those who donít want to drink and drive will purchase a bottle of Loxton and bring it with them to a party.†

Consumers shop the de-alcoholized wine & beer section in your store so be sure to carry Loxton De-alcoholized Wines in your de-alc wine and beer section.