For liquor stores

Dear Liquor Store Owner & Manager:
This is to introduce you to the Loxton De-alcoholized Wines.

Loxton de-alcoholized Wines were the first de-alcoholized wines to be listed by a Canadian Provincial liquor jurisdiction, British Columbia, in 1991.  Today they are available in both BC and Alberta liquor retailers.

Consumers shopping for liquor products today want to see a wider choice of de-alcoholized wines and beverages.  It is convenient for the customer to be able to pick up a bottle of de-alc wine while shopping for their liquor products.  Not everyone wants an alcoholic beverage.  Today, people want an adult style beverage that doesn’t have high sugar/fructose content and is low in calories. 

Your non-drinker target market is friends and relatives of your retail liquor customers.  Everybody knows someone who does not drink alcohol.  We all have friends and relatives who prefer not to drink alcohol from time to time.  Loxton de-alcoholized table wines offer a light wine taste, and bouquet and is more preferable to many adults than sweet sparkling juices and sodas.

Many people will not drink alcohol when they go out to a social occasion if they know they will be driving home later in the evening.  Others may limit themselves to one or two drinks.  If you are spending three or four hours at a social gathering, then this is when a glass or two of Loxton can really be enjoyed.

Not only are liquor stores recognizing a growing market for de-alcoholized wines and beers.  Liquor retailers also see a corporate and social responsibility attached to retailing alcoholic beverages. 

Liquor retailing today includes de-alcoholized wines and beers because these products are part of the overall responsibility message. 

Introduce your customers to your de-alcoholized beverage section.

Loxton de-alc wines have retailed in Canada for over twenty years and consumers trust the quality of the products.

Promote the sale of your de-alcoholized wine section
Follow these guidelines...

  1. Ask your retail customers if they are planning a party or social event.
  2. If a customer is purchasing a large amount of alcoholic beverages, they’re probably having a party.
  3. Talk to the customer about their responsibility to ensure that no one drinks and drives.
  4. Make a suggestion to them that they include a couple of bottles of Loxton De-alc wine as part of their purchase.
  5. Loxton wine is an incremental sale.

Promote the sale and enjoyment of de-alc wines to these customers and you will see increased sales.

Provincial Liquor Store Code Numbers




Loxton .5% Semillon-Chardonnay



Loxton .5% Cabernet Sauvignon



Loxton .5% Sparkling Brut